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Scott Levitt, Founder of Free Help for Real Estate Agents and President of Oakley Signs & Graphics

Scott Levitt, Founder of Free Help for Real Estate Agents and President of Oakley Signs & Graphics

Why does Oakley Signs & Graphics offer agent success coaching and real estate business development guides free of charge?  Why would we offer them at all?  Aren’t we a sign company?

Many others have asked these questions and the answer is quite simple:  When you order a sign, you’re not excited about the sign… you’re excited to sell a listing.

Sure, we sell signs.  But what we’re really interested in is helping you succeed in real estate.  Our quality signs are one part of that important goal. We’ve always believed in a “do good, get good” philosophy.

My name is Scott Levitt and I’m the founder of Free Help for Real Estate, and also the President and Owner of Oakley Signs & Graphics, Inc.  Every year, we interact with literally thousands of real estate agents.  Between all of the sign orders we ship, tradeshows we exhibit at, and community connections we have across the country, we spend a lot of time talking to real estate professionals.

The approach we take in everything we commit ourselves to is to simply ask:

  • What is the RIGHT thing to do?
  • What would we want if we were them?
  • Is it fair?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it provide a tangible benefit?

If the answer to the above questions is “YES,” then we do it, and we do it in a big way.

We have been in the business since 1972, and in those years we would not have seen success if it weren’t for our loyal customers… real estate agents.  What better way to make sure we all have a future than to provide free marketing and business advice?  We want to see real estate agents succeed, especially in a tough market, where many others are not succeeding.

At Oakley Signs & Graphics, we spend a lot of money each year advertising to agents.  We have great relationships with many of the media outlets in the real estate industry we all use.  But we also asked ourselves this:

“What if we dedicated some of our marketing budget to creating a truly useful series of tools that would help agents improve their business?  Wouldn’t we succeed as they succeeded?  Wouldn’t we be building something of value not just for ourselves, but the business community at large?”

It just makes sense.

So right now, we’re dedicating a lot of time and energy to creating eBooks, podcasts, teleseminars, and webinars that will help you and other real estate agents close more deals, create meaningful business relationships, and improve the quality of their life.  We’re listening to what agents want and need, and trying to find ways to deliver answers to their problems.

And sure, we’d like to think that when you need signs and sign-related supplies, you’ll consider buying from Oakley Signs & Graphics.  But the fact of the matter is, selling you a sign is one small part of how we can help.

So please, enjoy these resources for free.  Share them with friends.  Pass along links to our website if you think someone might benefit from the free information provided here.

Cheering you on to greater success!

Scott Levitt
Scott Levitt
Oakley Signs & Graphics, Inc.
Free Help for Real Estate Agents