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This can make or break your real estate career

Scott’s Thoughts: “So glad you kept in touch.” The one simple thing that can make or break a real estate career. “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” –Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) Recently, you probably came across an article, video clip, or moment in the world that reminded you of... [Read more]

Questions to Ask Your Client

Interviewing Clients: 10 Great Questions Great transactions begin with great questions. “Remember you have two ears and one mouth,” is a good rule of thumb when meeting with potential clients. While you may feel anxious to explain why you’re the best agent to represent them and list their home, you’ll have a better chance of success if you use your mouth to ask questions and... [Read more]

Take it Offline

Scott’s Thoughts: Time for Face Time Remember to take it offline sometimes! “There is no substitute for face-to-face reporting and research.” –Thomas Friedman ( A while back, I wrote on the subject of “Managing Connections.” At the end of the day, it’s not how many people we’re linked to, but how well we form lasting relationships... [Read more]

Client Facing a Foreclosure?

Video: Tips to Stall Foreclosure Help those who may lose their home with these tips. Viewed over 9,000 times, this two minute video featuring Bernice Ross provides useful insight into ways to help homeowners stall a potential foreclosure. If you have past clients who may be facing the threat of foreclosure, this video may help you help them avoid (or at least delay) an unfortunate outcome: Watch the... [Read more]

Syndicate your real estate videos

Tech Tip: Syndicate your real estate videos more effectively. If you’re using video to market yourself and your properties, smart move! Did you know there’s an effective, free way to better syndicate your videos online? can help get your videos a wider audience, and most importantly, tell you more about how those videos are being viewed. From their website: “TubeMogul... [Read more]

Free Photos for Your Website

How to Find and Use Free Photos For Your Blog… And Not Get Sued! Free and legal photos… You may or may not realize it, but just because a photo is on the Internet doesn’t mean you can use it for free on your own blog. In fact, if you use a copyrighted photo illegally, you could be facing an expensive lawsuit. So where can you get free photos? Believe it or not, there are lots of photographers... [Read more]

Using RSS Feeds

How to Use RSS Feeds to Save Time & Learn Faster Stay current on your favorite websites in half the time… Ever wonder how some people manage to keep up with dozens of news, industry, and entertainment websites?  The answer is simple:  They follow their favorite websites using RSS feeds. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” It’s a standardized format that allows... [Read more]

Resentment is a Silent Killer

Scott’s Thoughts: Managing Resentment Work to manage this silent killer. “Resentment is one burden that is incompatible with your success. Always be the first to forgive; and forgive yourself first always.” –Dan Zadra Resentment is a deal killer. Whether between managing brokers and agents, agents and other agents, or between spouses, resentment is one of the most... [Read more]


Scott’s Thoughts: Winning By Inches Incrementalism means winning by inches, not sprinting through marathons. “True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.” –St. Francis of Assisi Greatness is not the result of a single, monumental act. It is earned through continuously applied effort, over time. This is a good news/bad news situation, depending on your... [Read more]

Open House Mobile Application

Foursquare: Useful Open House Tool? Could this game-like mobile app drive more people to your open house? File under cutting edge: is a mobile app that encourages people to connect people and help them explore their city. Foursquare allows users to “check in” to physical locations (bars, restaurants, shops and other points of interest) via their mobile devices to earn... [Read more]

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