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Use This Magic Word When Googling for Tech Support

Adding one word to your Google searches will help find solutions faster. The next time you’re pulling your hair out over a technical support issue, you might want to try this simple trick to help you find real answers to the problem you’re experiencing: Add “solved” to your search query. Rather than just describe your problem, i.e. “Outlook won’t sync to my Droid... [Read more]

Scott’s Thoughts: On Acceptance

Cultivate the power to accept what you cannot change. “Of course there is not formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.” –Arthur Rubinstein, pianist (1887 — 1982) There are limits to how much you can control in your life. We run into some of our greatest stress, however, when we fail to recognize what we can control and... [Read more]

Client Survey: Remember to Evaluate Partners

What’s your network’s satisfaction score? When was the last time you asked past clients about their satisfaction with all of the partners involved in their transaction? While it’s a great idea to ask clients how satisfied they were with you during their transaction, it’s an even better idea to make sure they felt the same way about all other parties involved in the deal.... [Read more]

Hiring a Real Estate Assistant

Q&A: Do I Need an Assistant? Feeling overwhelmed? Are you focusing on what matters? Hiring an assistant is tricky business in real estate. For most new agents, the idea is unthinkable, and rightfully so– when the cash crunch is on, paying someone out of pocket to help with tasks isn’t realistic. But for many beginning to hit their stride, making the leap of hiring an assistant... [Read more]

How to Get More Views for Your Real Estate Videos

Increase exposure with these 7 tips. The value of video in real estate marketing is well-established. From introducing yourself to clients online to providing in-depth tours of your premium listings, video is one of the best ways to leverage your marketing efforts online. They’re shareable, they’re engaging, and they’re also reported to help with your overall visibility in... [Read more]

Escape From “Shouldistan”

“Don’t should on yourself.” –Albert Ellis, psychologist Have you heard of the most dangerous state in the world? It’s called “Shouldistan” (pronounced: SHOULD-IH-STAN). It’s a legendary war zone, and more than a few ambitious professionals have seen their goals and dreams die there. Bordered by “Could-istan” and “Would-istan,”... [Read more]

8 Tips for Successful Real Estate Negotiations

Find middle ground skillfully and respectfully. A successful negotiation is not where your side has pulverized the other. You don’t “win” a negotiation; you get the best possible outcome for your clients while doing the least harm. No one should leave a negotiation angry — you never know when you might have to negotiate with these same people again. Below are 8 tips to... [Read more]

How to Turn Concessions Into Painkillers

Keep the deal moving by smoothing out seller concessions. From time to time you’ll be involved in a negotiation with a buyer who wants your seller to cover an unanticipated cost. This might be a specific repair, a home warranty, or some other concession. If your seller already feels like they’re taking a beating on their listing price, these little concessions can be the straw that... [Read more]

Understanding Self-Efficacy

Build your momentum with self-efficacy. Bruna Martinuzzi, President of Clarion Enterprises, Ltd., recently wrote this excellent article on the concept of “self-efficacy” for American Express OPEN Forum. Though it is not specifically targeted to real estate, it really could not be more applicable to the challenges real estate professionals face in reaching their goals. Individuals with... [Read more]

Shifting Real Estate Clients to a Neighborhood State of Mind

Help clients see the big (local) picture. If you find yourself with a client who seems unduly focused on the size and amenities of homes on the market, you might want to spend a little time helping them see the big picture in terms of neighborhood benefits. Often first-time buyers suffer from this tunnel vision that focuses almost exclusively on the home. If you run into this “biggest house... [Read more]

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