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Build Momentum Through Small Wins

August 31, 2011
by Scott Levitt ·  

Big wins are the result of small wins.

Image of The Progress Principle. While you may be urged at every turn to “dream big” and “set grand goals,” there’s an increasing amount of research that what motivates us on a day-to-day are the small wins of incremental progress.

Dan Pink’s interview with Harvard business school professor, Teresa Amabile, reveals a number of interesting insights which agents and brokers can apply to their daily business to improve satisfaction and foster a progress-oriented environment.

Some interesting highlights from the interview:

“Our research showed that, of all the events that have the power to excite people and engage them in their work, the single most important is making progress — even if that progress is a small win.”

“Our survey showed that most leaders don’t understand the power of progress. When we asked nearly 700 managers from companies around the world to rank five employee motivators (incentives, recognition, clear goals, interpersonal support, and support for making progress in the work), progress came in at the very bottom.”

“Setbacks have a negative effect on inner work life that’s 2-3 times stronger than the positive effect of progress.”

To read the whole interview, check out Dan Pink’s blog post here…

Why Progress Matters:

In addition to this fascinating interview, the website Tiny Buddha also offers this helpful article on how not to be overwhelmed by your to-do list and score some small wins every day:

How to Decide What to Do Now:

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