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Client Survey: Remember to Evaluate Partners

August 7, 2011
by Scott Levitt ·  

What’s your network’s satisfaction score?

Balance scale. When was the last time you asked past clients about their satisfaction with all of the partners involved in their transaction?

While it’s a great idea to ask clients how satisfied they were with you during their transaction, it’s an even better idea to make sure they felt the same way about all other parties involved in the deal. Consider the full range: Movers, stagers, title offices, mortgage officers, insurance agents, etc.

Why? Research shows that clients often rate their satisfaction with an agent based on the transaction as a whole. So if the home inspector or title agency left a bad taste in their mouth, the odds are the experience will negatively impact you as the agent.

Though you can’t control the behavior or service of those you work with, you can definitely make decisions about who you choose to work with over the long haul.

Don’t take the quality of your vendor/partners for granted; ask clients how they would rate those you work with. It just might make the difference between a future referral… and silence.

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