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Common Sense

June 7, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Scott’s Thoughts: The Genius of Common Sense
Genius isn’t complicated… sometimes it’s doing simple things well.

“Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius.”
–George Bernard Shaw

What makes a garden grow? Daily attention. Observation. Watering and weeding and minding the weather. Slow and steady, with an eye on the pests, you bring a garden from a seed in the ground to a bush full of ripe tomatoes. Sure, you can make it as complicated an endeavor as you like, investing in expensive technology and expert advice and experimental nutrients, but if you’re not consistently hitting the basics, tomorrow’s salad bowl doesn’t have a chance.

What makes a marathon possible? Putting on the shoes and running. Incremental mileage increases. Attention to injury, rest, and nutrition. You can buy that Garmin 405 and invest in cutting edge shoes and hiring a running coach, but unless you’re dedicated to the common sense tenets of training, you’ll never cross the 26.2 miles to the finish line.

So why do we often seem to think exceptional client service is any different? If you truly want to work by referral, it’s not a rocket science marketing program you need… you simply need the basic tools and presence of mind to consistently reward your clients and remind them (both past and present) how much you care. A note, an interesting article shared, a small gift out of the blue… they all serve to make you a remarkable real estate professional in a sea of “next shiny marketing trick” amateurs.

All of the tools and tips we feature should be applied in service of the common sense basics of uncommon client care. Add up enough common sense and it starts to seem like genius.

When the world seems to be moving too fast to keep track, keep in mind that the underlying principles of great building exceptional relationships has never changed. You have the power to grow your garden and go the distance.

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One Response to “Common Sense”
  1. So true, the more things change the more the basic stays basic. Your article is true. Thank you.

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