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Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name

January 15, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Domain Name Tips for Real Estate Marketing
Two useful tips when considering domain names for your business…
the radio test

Thinking about reserving a new domain name for your real estate business? Here are two basic considerations many people forget:

#1: The Radio Test

If you were to hear your website name on the radio, would listeners be able to find it? Would someone remember it? Could they easily spell it?

For example, if someone were to hear “”, would they know which spelling of Terry? (Teri? Terri?)

If you use the name of a town or region in your domain name, do you spell the domain the way you say it? For example, is it “” or “”?

Is your domain simply too long to remember? At Free Help for Real Estate Agents, we also use the domain to make our website easier to find and less susceptible to typos. Which brings us to our second point:

#2: The Typo Test

Should you consider reserving typos of your domain name? Many companies also reserve mistyped versions of their domain names in order to capture visitors who may have otherwise ended up at a broken, unregistered, or fraudulent site., for example, also registers and a number of other misspellings in order to catch visitors who make casual mistakes.

For exceptionally long domain names, it may not be possible to predict which typos you should reserve, but this online tool will help you create a list of possible domains to register. It’s very simple: Enter in your own domain name, choose what kind of typos you would like to review, and the site generates a list of possible alternatives:

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