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Driving with Clients

January 20, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Q&A: Ride Together or Take Separate Cars
The pros and cons of being the taxi…
Q: Should I drive with my clients to properties, or have them meet me?

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A: It’s possible that your office has an official policy on this, so you should check first. However, if it’s up to you, you should take into account these seven questions:

1. Are you prepared to be responsible in case of an accident?
Your insurance company would probably prefer you not drive clients yourself. In the event you’re in an accident, are you sure you have sufficient coverage? It’s a good idea to call your insurer and find out what your policy covers.

2. Does the client want to bring a child along?
Most agents don’t carry a spare car seat for this possibility, and making sure a client’s car seat is properly secured in your vehicle can be a risky proposition.

3. Would it save time to take two cars?
Sometimes you may be showing properties in rural areas or a long drive from your office. Would it be quicker for the client to follow you to the property, so they can take a more direct route home? Remember, your client’s time is valuable, too.

4. Do you have business you’d like to discuss with your client?
In some cases, riding along with a client can be a great time to bond with clients. Since great agents are great listeners, a little time in the car can be a great excuse to learn a bit more about your client on both a personal and professional level. Some agents find time in the car to be some of the most valuable time they spend with clients. You’ll see first-hand the look on their face as they approach properties and drive through neighborhoods. You’ll glean good information about price range and neighborhood preferences.

5. Do you feel safe with your client?
Always, always remember to consider your own safety when it comes to traveling with someone alone. This not only applies to driving with someone alone, but meeting them at an empty house.

6. Are they locals, or are they from out of town?
If your client is familiar with the area, having them meet you can be a convenient option. If they’re not familiar with the area, it might be a better idea to have them meet at an easy-to-find location and follow you from there.

7. Is your car clean? Is theirs?
Don’t laugh! The last thing you want is a client landing in a pile of old soda cups and cold french fries. The same goes for pet hair and clutter. If you’re going to treat your car as a place for informal meetings, you should be sure it conveys a professional message.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you… just be sure it’s an informed decision.

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