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Focus on Improvement

April 19, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Scott’s Thoughts: Better, Not Bigger
Your priority should be improvement, not expansion.

“Worry about being better; bigger will take care of itself.” 
— Gary Comer, Founder of Lands’ End

In my time at real estate trade shows around the country, there’s one thing I consistently hear that perplexes me.

Real estate agents will often stop by our booth to report how they’re “working harder” to grow their business and make more money. When I ask specifically what “working harder” means, the answer is often vague: “You know, putting in more hours, getting out there more.”

I then push a little more, and the question roughly 75% can’t answer at all is this: What are you doing to become better at your career?

We’ve all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” But does it? Does doing the same thing over and over make it perfect? I don’t think so. My track coach from high school once told me what I thought was a far more accurate saying: “Practice makes permanent, so you better practice perfectly.” I’ve been striving to live that ideal every day since.

We all know that something that works today may not work tomorrow. There’s usually room to improve on what’s already working, because when you get down to it, repetition leads to stagnation. Are you following a plan to improve your skills? Are you asking for outside advice? Do you solicit constructive criticism?

Real estate can be hard work, but you didn’t get into this business to work harder. I believe what Gary Comer says. Focus on better and bigger will solve itself.

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