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Focus is the Resource that Precedes Success.

March 24, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Scott’s Thoughts: Focus Precedes Success
We can prepare to make the best use of our time…

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” –Michael Althsuler

Success is not one of those things that happens magically one morning. A series of “typical” days don’t give way to one miraculous hour when everything you’ve wished for just drops into place. You accrue success by degrees. Success for some is one pound off the scale, every week for a year. Short of a one-in-fifty-million lottery ticket hit, success isn’t on the flip side of a singular, magic moment.

Time does fly by. It’s easy to look up and say, “Wow, where’d March go?” We’ll never be able to change that. But what we can change is how we spend the time in service of our goals.

Focus is the precious resource that precedes success.  If we can’t slow the clock down, we can certainly work on making sure that the minutes we spend are spent in laser-precision focus on the goals we want to achieve. Focus means pouring 100% of your concentration into the present task at hand that is one yellow brick in your road to success.

The more you allow your attention to become fragmented and divided, the quicker your time will pass without adding up to success. What you must become is mindful of how you’re spending your attention. Become the pro who’s able to step outside of yourself and ask: “In this moment, am I focused on the right thing?”

Write it down and tape it to your monitor, your dashboard, your refrigerator, and your bathroom mirror: Focus Precedes Success.

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One Response to “Focus is the Resource that Precedes Success.”
  1. Eric says:

    A great way to make sure you go into the week focused is to spend some time on Sunday nights planning, realistically, what you can accomplish during the week. Make a list of six things, then cross off two, just to be realistic. Once you’ve determined what you can accomplish, schedule it on your calendar! Treating your priorities like important clients is a sure-fire way to get things done.

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