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Go Green with Paperless e-Fax

March 17, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Eco Upgrade: Show Your Clients You Care via Paperless Fax
Now is the perfect time to start going “Green”…

Go Green and Save with RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax is an Internet Fax Service, and no fax machine or paper is required to send and receive fax.  Also known as “e-Fax,” this is a green and much more convenient alternative to traditional, paper-hungry fax machines.


Show your clients you care; go green
There has never been a better time than right now to go green.  By printing only the faxes you need, you’ll save paper, ink and the environment too.RingCentral Fax helps you to “Go Green” by managing all of your fax documents entirely by email, so you also have the option of never printing anything!

Send faxes from your desk or on the go!  With RingCentral, you can send faxes by email from your computer, RingCentral account, MS applications… or even your smart phone while showing a home!

Block unwanted junk faxes
Block unwanted numbers and stop junk fax clutter.

Ensure that when a fax is sent to you, you’re the only one who sees it. All faxes are received and stored in your computer instead of your company’s printer or fax machine.

Look more professional
Provide better service to your clients with a toll free fax number that’s never busy.

No more busy signals
Incoming and outgoing faxes are remotely processed by RingCentral: they don’t tie up your computer or phone line. No one will ever get a busy signal.

No empty ink cartridges
All faxes are processed, delivered and stored electronically.

Cost efficient
No hardware, software or extra phone line needed. No costly repairs or paper.

Manage, edit and sign faxes digitally
All RingCentral plans include RingCentral Internet Fax and RingCentral FaxEditor tools. The award-winning FaxEditor tool lets you add text and graphics or a signature, and to create custom cover sheets with your personalized logo.

No fax machine required
Receive faxes in your email inbox and fax any document from within any Microsoft® Windows application – no fax machine required.

Send and receive faxes from email
You can send faxes quickly from any Microsoft Windows application. Faxes arrive in your email inbox and are stored in your online account for easy access.

Choose local or toll free number
Choose a toll free or local number and send and receive faxes to and from any fax machine in the world.

Retention of important documents
Faxes are kept for 30 days in an online account and indefinitely in the Call Controller inbox. You’ll not only see the fax, but who sent it, their phone number, and the date, time, length, and result of the transaction.


It’s “Green” & eco-friendly, super convenient, and they offer a free 30-Day trial.


  • Toll Free or Local Numbers
  • Receive Faxes as Email
  • Fax from Any Application
  • Secure Faxing
  • Edit and Sign Faxes Electronically
  • Outlook Integration
  • Fax Alerts
  • Detailed Fax Logs
  • Web-based Account Management
  • Support


Disclosure:  We do not own or operate this product.  This is simply a product review.

Give RingCentral Fax a try for 30 Days, Free. If you like it, and want to keep using it, it’s only $7.99/month after that.  This is far less than the price of a fax machine, telephone line, and paper.

Click Here: Sign up for your 30 Day Free Trial

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One Response to “Go Green with Paperless e-Fax”
  1. Steve Kenway says:

    Has anybody used this service? I would love to hear about a Real Estate agents day to day experiences and how it has impacted their business beyond saving money on paper. Secondly, where are agents saving their documents once they have received their faxes electronically.

    Thanks alot in advance for any responses!

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