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Using “Google Voice” for Real Estate Marketing

February 11, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Q & A: Google Voice?
How to sensibly integrate Google Voice into a real estate marketing program

Google Voice Q: Recently I received an invitation to use Google Voice. Should I start using it as my main number?

A: You should probably not use Google Voice as your main contact number, but there are a few very useful ways to integrate Google Voice into your real estate marketing plan.

Google Voice is a fairly new, free application from Google which allows you to receive all of your calls through a single number. Basically, Google lets you pick a new number, and when people call that number, it rings through to all of your other phone numbers. Additionally, it provides features such as listening in on voice mails (which you can then interrupt and take the call live), record phone calls, switch phones mid-call, and voicemail-to-text translation (meaning the voice mails are converted to email messages you can read). You can manage your Google Voice account from the same easy-to-use interface that Gmail uses.

The challenge, of course, is the same for any phone number change: You have to get the new number out to clients, associates, on your website, your business card, etc. Who wants that hassle? Plus, the service is relatively new, so there may be bugs from time to time.

So how do you use it for real estate?

One great way to use a Google Voice number is to associate it with high-volume classified ads or other situations where you’d rather not have your cell phone ringing all day. For example, if you use or to syndicate your listing advertisements, you could use your Google Voice number instead of your office number for calls. This way, when calls come in, they will be collected in voice mail and translated into text, which you can scan through between meetings or other free moments through the day.

A video overview of Google Voice is available here:

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3 Responses to “Using “Google Voice” for Real Estate Marketing”
  1. Adrian says:

    If only they’d would roll it out in the UK. This would be good, not just for estate agents, but for businesses in general and personal numbers too!

  2. Mark Mayhew says:

    Google Voice, to me, is Unified Communications for the rest of us :)


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