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How to Manage “Bad Clients”

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Dear Real Estate Professional,

Are you plagued by bad clients from time to time? Well, now is the time to read this definitive guide to breaking up with the bad and building the good! Do so, and you WILL reclaim your real estate business from the draining clients that are holding it hostage.

You don’t have to let bad clients cost you time and money.

An ideal client-realtor relationship provides you with the opportunity to use all of your knowledge and experience to help a client sell and/or locate a home, in exchange for your well-earned commission. This guide shows you how.

Remember that old saying, “time is money”? It was never truer than in today’s real estate market. This book will highlight the types of clients who can drain your time and patience yet offer little or no compensation in return, and will teach you ways to handle them and reclaim your time. That way, you’ll have the time to concentrate on those clients with the best potential for a sale.

This book will…

  • Define the ideal client/agent relationship
  • Define what a not-so-ideal client/agent relationship looks like
  • Offer suggestions for creating healthy, functional, and lucrative relationships from the start with new clients
  • Offer seven effective self-assertiveness and self-confidence tools to help you ensure those healthy, lucrative relationships
  • Provide real world examples of “bad clients”
  • Teach you the benefits of saving a challenging client, as well as the benefits of transferring the relationship (or firing them!)
  • Offer suggestions on how not to go about firing someone, and instead offer recommendations on methods for ending the relationship well, respectfully and helpfully

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Cheering you on to greater success!

Scott Levitt
Scott Levitt
Oakley Signs & Graphics, Inc.

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