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Make the Most of Your Testimonials

March 25, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

How to Present Testimonials Effectively
A real-world example of effective testimonial use…

Short of a direct referral from a satisfied client, testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for proving your value to prospects. But how do you present them effectively? Where do you use them? What form is best?

We thought we’d highlight the website of one of our Tuesday Tactics subscribers, Tim Kindem. Tim works with Keller Williams Premier Realty in the Twin Cities. Tim has a unique approach to showcasing his testimonials.

Here are four effective testimonial tactics Tim employs:

1. He uses multiple types of testimonials– photos, letters, videos, and even newspaper clippings.

2. He has reserved the domain name “” to direct prospects to his testimonials. This is an interesting tactic, because rather than make prospects click through his website to find his testimonials, he creates and easy-to-say “front door” which forwards visitors to his testimonials section. Naturally, he uses this in his email signature line.

3. He leverages YouTube for his videos, which helps his website with search engine indexing.

4. He puts himself in the context of his clients– he shows himself with his clients and their smiling faces. No stock photos here, no anonymous quotes!

Whether or not you like a particular design is secondary to the quality of the content you put on your site. Tim has gone the extra mile to capture testimonials and (with his clients’ permission) host them on his website.

Check out Tim’s testimonial page for yourself. It’s a real-world example that might just inspire you to rethink the content on your own testimonials page:

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4 Responses to “Make the Most of Your Testimonials”
  1. Eric says:

    I like that Tim is very consistent with his promotion of the “” domain. Not only does he gather testimonials, but he puts it out there enough that it’s visible.

  2. Jennine says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Tim’s ideas. I’m hopeful that I will become as tech savy as Tim.

  3. Carolyne L says:

    Hi Scott – Your header: Scott’s Thoughts: Be Yourself, Honestly – made me think to post this.

    When I’m having a down day, I flip the screen over to: “Carolyne’s Clients Speak” (reference letters) – Carolyne REALTY CORP. (1991)
    at the top of my home page – or I re-visit
    to take a mental trip: *Down Memory Lane in Real Estate*

    On my home page people will find these words:
    To find out why there’s a big difference between paying an agent just to list your home in MLS, and getting real VALUE for your money spent, you should call. Carolyne knows how to get “top dollar” for your home, in any market. Carolyne understands agency “representation” (you need it); she understands “fiduciary duty” (she will honour your requests); she knows real estate contract law (“your” contract comes first); and, ALL your business will be kept confidential (that’s your right).

    To find out how much “your” home is worth, compared to the prices of other homes in your neighbourhood, CALL Carolyne (historically one of Canada’s top producers). It’s good to know someone who knows, it’s you that counts the most. 905.458.6711

    Now that I have moved to Burlington (next door practically to Brampton the way the crow flies), but a very different kind of real estate market, I need to figure out ways to have people visit the Burlington Home Page and write to me at – it has been my experience so far that people here are not big computer users, so it is sort of a need to get back to basics. I’ve done mailers, postcards and flyers, open houses, newspaper advertising, brochures at listing signs, so far with no response. We are forbidden to contact expired listings, and then there is the do not call list. We often feel like we are working with our hands tied behind our backs. Any thoughts are welcome.


  4. Hi Scott,

    Love this article. I did some creative testimonials from facebook. When a client posts on my wall, I will screen capture it and post as an image.

    Keep up the great ideas!

    Alberta, Canada

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