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Hyperlocal Google Maps Video Mashups for Real Estate

October 28, 2009
by Scott Levitt ·  

Social Media Idea: Google Maps Video Mashups
An innovative way to use Google Maps and your market expertise!
Leveraging online technology is crucial for connecting with younger buyers who are maturing financially.

Google Map & Video Mashup by Mike Mueller Mike Mueller, a tech and social media consultant from Walnut Creek, CA, shows real estate agents a clever way to use Google Maps and locally shot video to create regional guides covering the communities agents work in.

His “Mueller Maps” are one excellent example of leveraging social media with personal impact and local expertise. Using a Flip Video camera and some experience with Google Maps, Mike creates these super interactive maps:

(Though Mike does sell his services, we have no business affiliation with him. We just thought this was a great way to get your brain turned on to practical social media!)

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