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Need to Calculate an Irregular Lot Size?

April 2, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

How to Calculate Irregular Lot Sizes
Use this free point-and-click tool for calculating lot sizes

Recently, a reader of our popular 12 Free Tools for Agents Working BPOs & REOs wrote us asking for a tool to help calculate irregular lot size. While rectangular lots were a breeze, irregular lots were a bit of a challenge.

We quickly located a handy online lot size tool which allows you to outline a lot using a point-and-click Google Maps interface. With a minimum of 3 points, it will calculate the lot you enclose. To start, you must have an approximate address:

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One Response to “Need to Calculate an Irregular Lot Size?”
  1. Hi.

    My husband and I are thinking of buying a property of 277sqm size. However, the lot is irregular, looks like a diamond rather than the typical square/rectangular shape. The property has a small frontage of about 8meters, then spreads out the back.

    What would you say are the pros and cons of such property? We’re thinking an 8-meter frontage is ok and we can adjust the house and build on one side and have a lanai or garden on the side. But we may be amiss of certain disadvantages.

    Thank you for your inputs.

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