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Market yourself to “life change” clients

May 19, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Two Great Sources for Referral Information
Are you marketing your services to “life change” clients?

As we’ve mentioned in our “7 Types of Prospects You Should Target” ebook, people going through life changing events are often prime candidates for the services of a real estate professional.

There are two types of businesses in your community that can be enormously helpful in generating referrals surrounding life changes. By befriending and supporting these types of businesses, you place yourself in a great position for potential referrals.

1. Florists: A relationship with a busy florist will keep you in the know about births, deaths, weddings, and job promotions.

2. Wedding planners: Newly married couples are a great source of business when it comes to first time buyers as well as young couples who may need to upgrade their home soon for a new baby. Some agents have even begun attending bridal expos to work this segment.

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