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Be Loud or Useful?

September 29, 2009
by Scott Levitt ·  

Scott’s Thoughts: Be Loud or Useful?
One five minute exercise can boost your business…
Recently our free eBooks have been spreading like wildfire from agent to agent through word of mouth alone. Thank you to everyone who’s “paid it forward” by sharing Free Help for Real Estate

I think there’s a valuable lesson here: It’s important to be useful rather than just be loud.

Megaphone! Buying ads, new yard signs, putting your face on riders… it’s all a necessary part of the advertising game. You’re trying to grab the attention of prospects. But generally, this is what it means to be loud.

Long-term relationships often come from the times when you can also be useful. Offering free advice, using your local expertise to help people before they’re your clients… that’s not loud, that’s useful.

Here’s a five minute exercise that might just change your business for the better:

Write two columns on a sheet of paper. Title one “loud” and the other “useful.” Now write down what you’re doing to grow your business and market your services. Using the examples above, put each item in one of the two columns.

Ask yourself: Do you have a lot in the “loud” column and surprisingly little in the “useful” column? Maybe it’s time to even out the mix!

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