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Need to Build a New Website?

April 1, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Q & A: New Website?
Don’t reinvent the wheel…

Q: When I build my next website, should I do it from scratch?

A: No. You can save significant time and money by using free and low-cost options that are 90% ready “off the shelf.” Back in the day, you used to go to a web design company and go through a painstakingly slow and expensive process. This is no longer the case. If you can imagine it, it’s probably already out there… you just don’t know where to find it yet!

In addition to many turn-key web companies aimed at real estate agents (, you can also explore free packages such as Hiring a local webmaster (college students are a good place to start) to configure WordPress for you with a real estate template will cost you a fraction of what designing from scratch will cost.

How much of a savings? You can safely assume that by the time you’re done with design and programming revisions, a website from scratch might cost you thousands. Depending on the route you choose, you could potentially save those thousands by going with a turn-key solution.

Remember: Focusing on developing leads, communicating via social media, and expanding your network of influence is far more important than “rolling your own” website.
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One Response to “Need to Build a New Website?”
  1. Brad Balmer says:

    Going with off the shelf is definitely a wise option. Many many options out there. First you need to decide what type of web site you want. There are two types basically – a lead generation site that is typically unbranded and ideally comes complete with a back-end system that includes automated email campaigns, and often many other tools such as dialogue scripts to help you convert leads into appointments, and appointments into listings and/or buyer clients.

    I’ve looked at numerous systems out there and in my opinion Dean Jackson’s looks like awfully good value. Chris Johnstone of ADR Marketing has a good fix on things too but actually getting anywhere with him as far as becoming a client is just too much work. He confuses me.

    The other type of site you need to have is a branded site. I like point2 as it has a back end CRM that has the same kind of email tracking available with icontact or tellum (or many others) already built in. I haven’t looked into seeing whether they have at least the equivalent of library of email campaigns/templates as say Top Producer does, but I like the email tracking feature. With email tracking you can see who is reading and even clicking which links within your emails real time.

    If you’ve got a unique offering and you want to test market etc, WordPress is definitely a good way to go. It is free (besides hosting), quite user friendly, and lots of ready made off the shelf FREE plug-ins to spruce things up a little. SEO is a bit of a challenge for the ‘newbie’ – that’s the one area where you might seek a consultant from my experience with WordPress.

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