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Open House Mobile Application

June 18, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Foursquare: Useful Open House Tool?
Could this game-like mobile app drive more people to your open house?

File under cutting edge: is a mobile app that encourages people to connect people and help them explore their city. Foursquare allows users to “check in” to physical locations (bars, restaurants, shops and other points of interest) via their mobile devices to earn virtual — and sometimes real — prizes. Check-ins can earn you points of pride in the form of badges and mayorships, and even score you deals at some of your favorite businesses.

A creative real estate marketer should see opportunities to use this app to not only drive more traffic to their open houses, but also expand the number of friends and past clients they connect with on casual/social business “meet ups” on weekends. Offering incentives for “check ins” might just be a great way to connect with young, tech-savvy buyers.

To learn more about how Foursquare works for businesses, check out this page:

Even if you think Foursquare may be a little “out there” for your real estate business, you might it’s another great network you can use to get your name out in the community. It doesn’t get much more hyperlocal than this!

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One Response to “Open House Mobile Application”
  1. Hi. I like the idea of Foursquare + Open Houses. However, as a Foursquare user, I’m interested to see a real-world example. Do you have any? Specifically, once the house is sold, is the new owner’s address compromised in any way? Thanks!

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