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Project Management for Real Estate Agents

April 9, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Project Management & Collaboration Made Easy: Basecamp
A web-based project collaboration tool can simplify complicated communication….

A real estate deal is a major project. So why do so few agents use project management software to stay on top of the deal?

In some form or another, you probably have a method to manage the many phases of your real estate deals. Odds are, it probably could use some improvement, but you probably don’t have the time to reinvent the wheel while you’re working. You might consider looking for new, inexpensive tools to help you streamline your process.

One such tool is Basecamp, a project management and collaboration tool used by millions of people across many major companies. With a 98% customer referral rating, Basecamp provides you a centralized, web-based location for managing a project. This includes:

- Deadlines
- To-do lists
- File sharing
- Message boards
- Project (or deal!) milestones
- Time tracking
- …and more

Not only can you use Basecamp to keep your own side of the deal on track, but you can use it as a convenient central location to keep the lines of communication open with your clients. You can try Basecamp for 30 days for free:

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  1. Looking forward to reviewing the program

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