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Reach Voice Mail Directly without Ringing Phone

January 29, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Online Tip:
When email is too distant, and you don’t have time for a conversation

Have you ever wanted to simply leave a message on  somebody’s voice mail (maybe a client’s) without risking that they might actually pick up the phone when you call? allows you to be instantly connected to someone’s voice mail without the possibility that you’ll have to speak to them in person. This is an excellent option when you want to leave a personal message, but the content of your call doesn’t merit a full phone conversation–or you don’t want to interrupt their day.  There are situations where following up with a client would be easier and less time consuming by leaving a message on their voice mail rather than getting involved in a full conversation over the phone.

Sly is free to use if you don’t mind listening to advertisements every time you use it, but there’s also a very affordable premium membership. It’s a great option–more personal than a text message or email message, but it doesn’t intrude on the person if they happen to be in a meeting, driving, or otherwise working.

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