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Shifting Real Estate Clients to a Neighborhood State of Mind

July 18, 2011
by Scott Levitt ·  

Help clients see the big (local) picture.

Buy the neighborhood. If you find yourself with a client who seems unduly focused on the size and amenities of homes on the market, you might want to spend a little time helping them see the big picture in terms of neighborhood benefits.

Often first-time buyers suffer from this tunnel vision that focuses almost exclusively on the home. If you run into this “biggest house with the best features on the biggest lot I can buy” mentality, you have an excellent opportunity to start a neighborhood conversation which can, in the long run, make your client happier with the home they eventually own.

Here are four excellent questions to ask your client in order to get a “neighborhood conversation” going:

1. Tell me, if you had to choose between a smaller home and a longer commute, which would you choose?

2. How important is it to you to be able to walk to grocery stores, restaurants, and other local businesses?

3. Are you concerned about having access to sidewalks and parks?

4. What about your current neighborhood bothers you? What do you like about it?

While buying the neighborhood may seem obvious to you, many clients haven’t taken a step back to consider the big picture of home ownership.

Here’s a great article from HGTV you can also share with them to get neighborhood conversations going:

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One Response to “Shifting Real Estate Clients to a Neighborhood State of Mind”
  1. I know here in Riverside county where there are home buyers on every street corner who are still submitting multiple offers in hopes of getting one accepted, these are great questions. Will show the buyer the agent is an adviser…helping them think through their home buying process…not just……’lets accept any offer that is accepted because finding any seller willing to accept your offer is so rare’ mentality.

    Many buyers here are form San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles who are relying heavily on the agent to help them find the right neighborhood.

    Good info.

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