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Mortgage Calculators for Your Smartphone

February 5, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Mobile App Tip: Mortgage Calculators on the Go
Provide clients on-the-spot service

We all know that speed-to-service is a crucial component in client satisfaction. The quicker you can answer your clients’ and prospects’ questions accurately, the more likely they are to see you as a superior agent and trusted source of information.

One way to provide superior service is being able to answer mortgage questions on the spot. Imagine you’re showing a few homes and your clients ask you, “So what’s it going to cost us a month to be in this place?” Do you want to say, “I can do the math and get back to you?” or do you want to whip out your mobile device and give them the answer in under a few minutes?

Obviously, you look like a pro if you can help them right there. These days, there are lots of mobile applications that will allow you to calculate mortgage payments in real time. You can even let your clients enter the information themselves on your device if they’d rather not divulge personal financial data at an open house.

Here are a selection of mortgage calculator apps for mobile devices:


Windows Mobile:


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