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5 Crucial Components of a Stay in Touch System for Real Estate

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Break the cycle of chasing cold leads. In our upcoming report, we’ll introduce you to the fundamentals you must have in place in order to build a referral-based real estate business.

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Do you ever hear that motherly voice in your head nagging you? Does it say:

“You should do a better job keeping in touch with your clients!”

You know you should… but days turn into months, and you simply don’t systematically work your contact database the way you should. Who knows what deals you might be missing out on?
It’s time to fix that.

This report is the first step in reversing the “I’ll get to it someday” thinking. It will help you lay a hand on all the pieces required to forging deeper, more lucrative relationships with clients.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Who should I reach out to first in my database?
  • What do I say when I contact people?
  • How do I remind clients I need their referrals without sounding like I’m looking for a handout?
  • How do I ensure I routinely keep up with my contacts?

Whether you’re new to real estate or feel your career is in a rut, this free report will help bring the big picture into focus and put you on the path to boosting the number of closed and pending transactions you have in the pipeline.

Simply fill out the form above to pre-register for your free copy.  We’ll be releasing the report soon!

Free Help for Real Estate Agents