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The Story Behind Real Estate Success Coaching from Oakley Signs & Graphics

September 10, 2009
by Scott Levitt ·  

Let me kick off this blog with the real story behind Free Help for Real Estate

Odds are, if you’re a real estate professional, you don’t get excited about buying real estate signs.  But you probably get very excited by the prospect of attracting more leads, listing more properties, and closing more deals this year.

Signs are good, but knowing how to market & sell is better.

Signs are good, but knowing how to market & sell is better.

As President of Oakley Signs & Graphics, I talk to hundreds of real estate professionals every year that are capable, talented, and dedicated.  Despite this, I still see lots of opportunities to help both veteran and new agents work more efficiently and expand their capabilities.

So in 2009, I decided that Oakley Signs & Graphics could best fulfill its mission to help real estate professionals become more successful by launching a free, dedicated resource to give agents, brokers, managers, and real estate executives practical, tactical advice for growing their business.

The original books and interviews we produce are a vital part of that commitment.  Additionally, we publish a subscriber-only weekly newsletter called “Tuesday Tactics.” The newsletter offers inspiration, advice from experienced real estate pros, and a steady flow of free tools to help improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and maximize your real estate marketing power.  (It’s free to subscribe, and you can do so here.)

My modest goal is to help you close at least one more deal this year thanks (in part) to something you learn from Free Help for Real Estate Agents and our Tuesday Tactics newsletter.  If I can do my part to make this happen, not only will you earn more, but the industry will be a little healthier.


And yes, obviously this is good for our business.  We form relationships with agents, communicate with new offices, and start conversations with both franchises and independent professionals.  I wonder sometimes… with the proliferation of almost free technology and a wealth of knowledge, why aren’t more people spending some of their advertising dollars on building a helpful resource for their industry?

This blog will periodically highlight content from our Tuesday Tactics newsletter as well as other real estate resources we think are worth your attention.  We also tweet updates via Twitter at

So that’s the real story.  Welcome to Free Help for Real Estate Agents.  If you’d like to comment on this, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly through this form.

Cheering you on to greater success!

Scott Levitt
Scott Levitt
Oakley Signs & Graphics, Inc.

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