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Keep Heart

November 19, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

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“To endure is greater than to dare; to tire out the hostile fortune; to be daunted by no difficulty; to keep heart when all have lost it… who can say this is not greatness?”

William Makepeace Thackeray, (1811-1863); novelist

Our greatness resides in the moment we are certain we cannot possibly go on, yet we press forward despite our doubt. Thackeray was a novelist and essayist, and knew a great deal about what it took to make a sustained effort. In describing his efforts to earn a living as a writer to support his wife and three daughters, he often referred to his work as “writing for his life.”

Keep heart through the darkness. Those of you who have been in real estate for the past few years may feel as though you’ve been “selling for your life” through a particularly trying time in the market. Certainly there have been months when you have entertained abandoning your business for a new start, but you are still here, checking in with us each week, learning a tip or two, and hopefully finding the way to “keep heart” where others quit.

Some of you may be thinking today that there’s no way you can keep heart for much longer. While I can’t speak to the particulars of your market or your finances, I can offer a little hope for those of you who don’t want to throw in the towel today, but are feeling particularly low: Just get through today.

It’s not always necessary that you take the long view when it comes to your spirit or ability to endure. Sometimes getting though the very next task is all that is required. Ask yourself: What is the next good thing I can accomplish. Do that. When you’re done with it, ask yourself again. If you pile enough of these up, you’ll find that you can make it through the afternoon, the day, the week, and before you know it… the year.

When the long walk is too dark, focus on your little circle of light. Surely you can find your way to greatness.

Here’s to your continued success,

Scott Levitt
Scott Levitt
President, Oakley Signs & Graphics

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