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Hiring a Real Estate Assistant

July 31, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

Q&A: Do I Need an Assistant?

Feeling overwhelmed? Are you focusing on what matters?

Hiring an assistant is tricky business in real estate. For most new agents, the idea is unthinkable, and rightfully so– when the cash crunch is on, paying someone out of pocket to help with tasks isn’t realistic. But for many beginning to hit their stride, making the leap of hiring an assistant can be a huge help. If you find yourself closing three to four deals a month, overwhelmed by following up on leads, or failing to deliver the level of service your clients deserve, it may be time to consider hiring an assistant.

When hiring an assistant, your goal is to:

1. Free yourself up from the “grunt work” which is detracting from important tasks which only you can do
2. Enable yourself to focus more on growing your business, rather than playing “catch up” to keep the status quo
3. Improve the quality of your life while you improve the quality of your client service

Don’t jump into hiring a full-time assistant. Ideally, you want to ease into an arrangement that begins with 10 – 15 hours per week, depending on the sorts of jobs you feel comfortable handing over to an assistant. This will help cushion the expense as well as prevent the assistant from having too much down time because you’re too busy to train them at one time on all of the tasks you want them to handle.

Since you’ll begin by looking for a part-time assistant, a good place to start searching is via your social network. A quick status update on Facebook or a mention on Twitter is a great place to get the conversation started with people you know and trust. (Another reason you need to be sure you’re clued in on social media!)

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How Do Agents Pick a Company?

March 20, 2010 by · 20 Comments 

Q&A: How Do You Pick a Real Estate Company to Work With?

Small office?  Large office?  Local or national franchise?  How did/do you make the call?
Recently an agent asked us the following:

“What sort of advice do you have for new agents regarding which agency to align with?”

A lot of agents– either new or changing companies– have the same question.  What are the pros and cons?  How did you make the decision the last time you had to choose?  Is a big office better?  A small office?  National franchise?  Local or regional?  Or is it better to be out on your own?

Share your perspective and lend a hand to others in the real estate community!  Add your thoughts in the comments below.

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