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Make the Most of Your Testimonials

March 25, 2010 by · 4 Comments 

How to Present Testimonials Effectively
A real-world example of effective testimonial use…

Short of a direct referral from a satisfied client, testimonials are one of the most powerful tools for proving your value to prospects. But how do you present them effectively? Where do you use them? What form is best?

We thought we’d highlight the website of one of our Tuesday Tactics subscribers, Tim Kindem. Tim works with Keller Williams Premier Realty in the Twin Cities. Tim has a unique approach to showcasing his testimonials.

Here are four effective testimonial tactics Tim employs:

1. He uses multiple types of testimonials– photos, letters, videos, and even newspaper clippings.

2. He has reserved the domain name “” to direct prospects to his testimonials. This is an interesting tactic, because rather than make prospects click through his website to find his testimonials, he creates and easy-to-say “front door” which forwards visitors to his testimonials section. Naturally, he uses this in his email signature line.

3. He leverages YouTube for his videos, which helps his website with search engine indexing.

4. He puts himself in the context of his clients– he shows himself with his clients and their smiling faces. No stock photos here, no anonymous quotes!

Whether or not you like a particular design is secondary to the quality of the content you put on your site. Tim has gone the extra mile to capture testimonials and (with his clients’ permission) host them on his website.

Check out Tim’s testimonial page for yourself. It’s a real-world example that might just inspire you to rethink the content on your own testimonials page:

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A Free and Useful Tool for Agents

January 28, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Useful Info:
Syndicate your classified ads for free? It seems possible…
Recently we published our “Craigslist Crash Course for Real Estate Agents” eBook. It’s quickly become one of our most popular how-to guides.

We’ve had lots of great feedback, especially this helpful tip from Terry Driscoll of Allen & Selig Realty in Bath, ME: “I don’t think you mentioned using Postlets to create ads–that’s the way to go.” Logo

It’s true, we didn’t. But thanks to Terry’s helpful tip, we’ve updated the eBook and wanted to pass this tool along to the rest of you. While we haven’t road tested ourselves, it seems to be another powerful free tool for agents.

According to, you can “create your listing, post, share, and syndicate it everywhere.”

Thanks, Terry!

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Choosing a Real Estate Domain Name

January 15, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Domain Name Tips for Real Estate Marketing
Two useful tips when considering domain names for your business…
the radio test

Thinking about reserving a new domain name for your real estate business? Here are two basic considerations many people forget:

#1: The Radio Test

If you were to hear your website name on the radio, would listeners be able to find it? Would someone remember it? Could they easily spell it?

For example, if someone were to hear “”, would they know which spelling of Terry? (Teri? Terri?)

If you use the name of a town or region in your domain name, do you spell the domain the way you say it? For example, is it “” or “”?

Is your domain simply too long to remember? At Free Help for Real Estate Agents, we also use the domain to make our website easier to find and less susceptible to typos. Which brings us to our second point:

#2: The Typo Test

Should you consider reserving typos of your domain name? Many companies also reserve mistyped versions of their domain names in order to capture visitors who may have otherwise ended up at a broken, unregistered, or fraudulent site., for example, also registers and a number of other misspellings in order to catch visitors who make casual mistakes.

For exceptionally long domain names, it may not be possible to predict which typos you should reserve, but this online tool will help you create a list of possible domains to register. It’s very simple: Enter in your own domain name, choose what kind of typos you would like to review, and the site generates a list of possible alternatives:

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Success in a Down Market

May 10, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

This one minute video explains what you’ll learn with this free eBook:

Download this eBook.

Dear Real Estate Professional,

Did you know there are FIVE COMMON KEYS to selling in a down market?

This free eBook for real estate professionals, “Your Guide to Success in a Down Market,” explains in detail how the TOP REAL ESTATE AGENTS in the country are closing more deals right now! As an established real estate industry vendor (, our marketing team interviewed 50 of the most successful agents around the country and asked them one thing:

What is the most important part of your real estate business?

Although the results did vary, we found a common thread of FIVE different keys to succeeding in a down real estate market.

What these top real estate agents shared might surprise you! However, if you apply these 5 principles, you have more business than you can handle this year!

Cheering you on to greater success!

Scott Levitt
Scott Levitt
Oakley Signs & Graphics, Inc.

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