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Getting More than a Good Reference

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Maintaining References and Encouraging Testimonials.

Thursday Bram (what an unforgettable name!) recently published a valuable refresher on the value of maintaining references and testimonials. While half of the article discusses your need to have good references (especially when maintaining good business and credit terms with vendors), the real gem in the article is the section on testimonials and making use of online references.

Some quotes from the article include:

“Testimonials must also be timely: always be collecting is a good process. If you’re using a testimonial that’s several years old and a client or vendor finds out, it’s very easy for them to ask if you haven’t done anything worthy of a testimonial in the last year.”


“If your customers, as well as the other companies you work with, are particularly impressed with your abilities, ask them to make those comments online.”

Check out Ms. Bram’s article here:

Also, on the topic of testimonials, we recently featured an agent (Tim Kindem) who takes a solid approach to making sure clients have a massive selection of proof-positive testimonials. You can read how he does it, complete with links and examples here:

How to Use Testimonials:

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Real Estate Agent Stay in Touch Strategies

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Stay-in-Touch Tip: “Can I get your opinion?”
Lean a little on your contacts for their opinion and they’ll reward you.

The art of staying in touch with clients requires you have real conversations– not just show up with your hand out. The challenge comes when looking for a friendly reason to call. While there’s no harm in dialing “just to check in,” there are more effective conversations you can have with clients.

This week, try a “Can I get your opinion?” call. The call is a simple one, in which you rely on your past client or contact’s expertise to guide you. It’s a call for help, a little friendly advice. Not only does it show you respect them and value their opinion, but it opens the door for small talk which could lead to a discussion about their real estate needs.

Below is a simple sample script to guide your thinking. It demonstrates the basic formula:

1. Ask for their help.
2. Tell them why you need their help, and why you thought of them.
3. Follow-up with a thank-you note later.

“Hi, [CONTACT NAME], this is [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. Mind if I get your opinion on something? I have a potential client coming into town some time in the next week or so, and I wanted to [TAKE THEM OUT TO DINNER / TAKE THEM OUT FOR A ROUND OF GOLF / HAVE A NICE BOTTLE OF WINE FOR THEM] and I was wondering if I might lean on your expertise in [SUBJECT YOU'RE ASKING ABOUT] for a little advice.”

Obviously, you need to tailor the conversation for specific situations, but the basic is the same:

“Client coming into town” = I’m still in business.
“Mind if I get your opinion” = I respect you and your advice.
“I wanted to [do something for them]” = I’m a thoughtful agent.

More “stay in touch” tips are coming soon!


Winning Tactics to Increase Real Estate Referrals

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This brief audio clip explains what you’ll learn in this free eBook:

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Dear Real Estate Professional,

As any veteran agent will tell you, a good portion of their business comes from referrals they’ve received from past clients and members of the community.  Is there anything sweeter than hearing the phrase, “A friend of mine said I should call you…”?

This guide teaches you how to increase the number of real estate referrals you receive.  The systems presented here are used by real-world agents and taught by business coaches from all walks of life.  While some of these tactics are controversial, I’m sure you’ll find fresh ideas here that you can apply to boost your real estate income this year.

You’ll learn…

  • How to get referrals without asking for them directly
  • The valuable differences between leads and referrals
  • The correct timing for asking for referrals with your clients
  • How to develop a client-focused mindset when asking for referrals
  • The value hyperlocal blogging can have in creating “indirect referrals” for your business

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Cheering you on to greater success!

Scott Levitt
Scott Levitt
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