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Thank You

July 19, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Scott’s Thoughts: The Best Gift?
Easy: Gratitude.

“The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.”
–John E. Southard

Gratitude might be the best gift ever.

Have you ever asked yourself what really makes you happy? If so, your answer is mostly likely not “material things,” is it? I know it’s not for me. For me, it’s the small things in life… like today’s milestone.

This issue of Tuesday Tactics is our 52nd edition, marking one full year of publishing free help for real estate professionals.

While I’m wildly proud to see how far things have come over the past year, along the way I wondered if what we’re doing really helped. Based on the feedback I’ve been given, I can honestly say the gratitude shown by many of you is the real fuel that keeps driving this newsletter forward.

I can’t thank enough the thousands of people who have taken the time to show their appreciation. You’ll never see first hand how much it means to me personally and to our entire team, but trust me when I say that it means the world.

I guess over the past year, our experiment has proven that the philosophy holds true: When you DO GOOD, you GET GOOD. For us, and I feel for everyone in real estate, the most powerful way to form relationships with others is to turn the table and instead of focusing on yourself, focus on helping others. Though the byproduct might be a commission, the real return comes in the form of sincere gratitude.

So, as we celebrate our 1-year anniversary of the Tuesday Tactics newsletter, I challenge you with a simple question: What are you going to “DO GOOD” today that will lead to “GETTING GOOD” tomorrow? (I apologize to all of our grammar sticklers out there!)

Again, thank you for your loyal support of both Oakley Signs & Graphics and Tuesday Tactics!

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One Response to “Thank You”
  1. Rozlin says:

    Dear Scott, Could not tell you how much i appricate your Tuesday Tactics. I look forward to receive them. I learn so much from your News letter. I wish, I had time to read every line of Tuesday Tactics. To answare your question what makes me happy? Is every morning i thank God for my clients and people like you. Thank you again for trying.

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