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Tuesday Tactics Newsletter March 30, 2010

Scott’s Thoughts: Practicing Adaptation

Flow like water to your goals.

“When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.”

—-Zig Ziglar; motivational author, speaker

Do you ever find yourself clinging to old business strategies, even when those strategies seem to stop working? Have you ever been up late at night, trying to understand why what you did five years ago just isn’t giving you the results you used to count on?

It’s a classic problem–not just in real estate, but in business and personal relationships. If you can’t seem to let go of ineffective habits, old marketing techniques, and stale referral strategies that don’t serve you, you’ve lost sight of your goals and become attached to your tactics.

How you get where you need to be is less important than ensuring you ultimately get there. If your ship is sinking, you’d better learn to swim, fast. Working the rudder isn’t going to save your life. Sure, it kept the ship on course for most of the journey, but that giant iceberg changed all the rules. Shouting “But this rudder used to work just fine!” isn’t going to keep you off the ocean floor.

Sometimes the challenge of learning new tactics to reach your goals can be daunting… but take heart. You’ve made it this far. You survived adolescence and became an adult. Life has already thrown challenges at you, and you’re still standing. Write down where you want to be and plan how you want to get there. Just don’t get too attached to the route.

Adapt your tactics. Flow like water. What you overcome makes the story interesting.

WebEx iPhone App: Presentations on the Go

Unchain yourself from your desk during your next webinar.

The WebEx iPhone application is a stand-out app in the conference call category. The app enables you to join a meeting from the field, complete with automatic dial-in and the ability to see the presentation. Although you can’t present your webinar using the WebEx iPhone app, you can start a meeting and hand it off to someone else to present.

Next time you have a WebEx “lunch and learn” webinar, why not pop in the headphones and take in some Spring weather? (Assuming it’s not pouring outside.)

Learn more about the WebEx iPhone app here:

Blogging by Email for the Busy

No web browser required.

Posterous is a brilliant new blogging platform that allows you to post media-rich blog posts simply by sending email. You can add photos, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, MP3s, movies, and more, simply by attaching files to the email messages you want to post. You can also simultaneously update Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter feeds using Posterous.

Posterous is free and easy to use. To learn a bit more about it, visit the home page here:

Or check out the “Frequently Asked Questions”:

Automatic Listing Videos

No Time for DIY Videos? Outsource!

In the past we’ve shown you how to make listing videos using only photos. But for many agents, time is better spent working directly with clients. Outsourcing tech work can be a smart move when it might get in the way of more important tasks. (We’ve talked in the past about evaluating what you can do versus what you should do.

Real Estate Shows offers an affordable service to transform digital pictures into videos. The company also offers a free trial membership.

Also, check out some of their video marketing ideas at:

Google Tools for Real Estate Professionals

All of Google’s real estate tools in one place.

By now, you’re pretty familiar with the various ways we’ve shown you how to use Google’s free technology to help you improve your real estate business. From using Google Voice to creating hyperlocal Google Map videos, a little creative thinking can save you money and enhance your marketing and business management efforts.

But did you know Google also has a single page loaded with tools specifically for real estate? Check out this page with tools and examples of how to use those tools:

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Cheering you towards greater success,

Scott Levitt

Scott Levitt


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