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Tuesday Tactics Newsletter:  June 22, 2010
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Scott’s Thoughts: Winning By Inches
Incrementalism means winning by inches, not sprinting through marathons.

“True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.”
–St. Francis of Assisi

Greatness is not the result of a single, monumental act. It is earned through continuously applied effort, over time. This is a good news/bad news situation, depending on your perspective.

The Bad News: If you’ve been taking refuge in the fantasy of “one day” or “starting tomorrow,” you have no where to hide. No single deal, no one act will make you. You cannot plan one day to be great, you must start right here, right now with the tools at hand. If you are to be remarkable, you must do things which cause people to remark on your talents– whether it’s your ingenuity, creativity, even-headedness, or generosity. It also means you must ask yourself with every action you take: Does this live up to my standard for greatness? Am I taking the steps in this very activity (right now!) that represent my best given my present ability?

The Good News: Greatness over time makes greatness more achievable. If, in everything you do, you merely ask the question, “How could I do this a bit better?” you’ll find that improving your life and the lives of others is no longer a daunting task. The effects on your business will be tangible. If you’re able to win by inches this way, the remarkable miles really add up. Look for the slight edge in each activity, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to greatness.

So what will your next inch towards greatness be? Is there someone you can call and thank? Is there something you’ve always wanted to fix in your listing presentation? Is there a quick, helpful email message you can write? Would today be a good day to take someone to lunch? Pick one NOW and go for it!

For Your Clients: 7 Rules For Room Additions
Great tips when considering an addition to your home.

This recent article by Paul Bianchina offers seven great tips for people considering an addition to a home. With an eye on how “aesthetics, access, and open space affect resale,” this is a great article to share with past and present clients. Who knows, for some it might just open the door to a conversation about trading up rather than adding on!

Be sure to check out the article to learn more about Paul’s thinking on these seven rules:

1. Know why you’re adding on.
2. Good additions never look like additions.
3. Out, up, down or a combination.
4. Don’t let the interior become an afterthought.
5. Create convenient access.
6. Don’t overwhelm your lot.
7. Understand the legalities.

Read the entire article, “7 Rules For Room Additions” on Yahoo! Real Estate:

Video: Tips to Stall Foreclosure
Help those who may lose their home with these tips.

Viewed over 8,000 times, this two minute video featuring Bernice Ross provides useful insight into ways to help homeowners stall a potential foreclosure. If you have past clients who may be facing the threat of foreclosure, this video may help you help them avoid (or at least delay) an unfortunate outcome:

Watch the video on YouTube now:

The video covers lender assistance (HOPE NOW), legal assistance (NACA), and the “ask for the note” strategy.

Pro Tip: Purchase Equipment as a Business
Get better service with one easy purchasing decision.

Every wished you could get better tech support the next time your new gadget goes on the fritz? Start buying your equipment through You, Inc. or You, L.L.C., rather than as “Consumer You.” When you purchase equipment as a business, you’re often given priority treatment when it comes to customer service. Aside from the potential tax benefits of purchasing through your business, most consumer electronics companies view businesses as priority accounts over Joe Blow and Jane Doe consumer.

When ordering online, look for links to “purchase for business” or a special phone number for handling company accounts. Even if it takes you a few extra minutes to make the purchase this way, getting help down the line may prove to be far easier, saving you both time and stress. Quick access to replacement parts and onsite technicians are also one of the perks for business accounts.

(Photo courtesy of “earcos” on Flickr… thanks!)

Thank You From Oakley Signs & Graphics
A brief reminder, thanks to a “Free Help” Fan

Recently we received the following comment from a fan of our “Free Help for Real Estate Agents” Facebook page:

“I love your tips. I think you should always add your Oakley sign logo to each one. I just ordered signs from a different company, because I forgot Oakley was behind all the free tips! Put your name in front of us all the time! Make us all remember that it is our company behind this good stuff that you are introducing us to!”

As you probably have noticed, we try to keep our newsletter and website as “ad free” as possible. The tips we give out aren’t paid for or sponsored in any way. We’re extremely grateful to have our loyal readers, because as we’ve mentioned in the past, our mission is to help you succeed in real estate.

However, we do hope you’ll pick us for your next sign purchase! If you ARE considering a sign purchase in the near future, would you please keep us in mind? You can shop with ease online at or by phone at 1-800-373-5330. Thanks!

Want more? Great! We have more good stuff coming your way next week!

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Scott Levitt

Scott Levitt
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