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Two Secrets to Real Estate Success

February 3, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Your Letters to the Editor: Two Secrets to Success
Perspective that can transform your business…

In response to our request for “game changing” advice from our “Tuesday Tactics” readers, Dana MacCord, Managing Broker at Prudential Gardner Realtors in Louisiana shared two compelling pieces of advice that contributed to her successful career early on. Dana writes:

“When I got started as an agent, I interviewed several top producers and asked them the same question: “What’s the secret to success?” One agent said, “If they like it, I like it.” It sounds a little crass at first, but what she meant was this: Agents make a big mistake when they assert their personal opinions about a house. For example: When there’s ugly wallpaper up, keep your mouth shut. I had buyers that LOVED bad wallpaper… the tackier the better. Never thought I’d see the day. If I had given them my opinion about the wallpaper, I might have shamed them out of making an offer.”

“The second game changer was a marketing tip: New agents are in a catch-22 situation. They need to market themselves, but they’re timid because they don’t feel like they know enough. They learn, learn, learn, but can’t quite seem to get started. So, the second top producer recommended new agents walk their own neighborhood, introducing themselves to the area, meeting everyone they can. And, EVERYONE gets a business card. Her goal was to run out of cards in the first month, and try to have a meaningful conversation about real estate with everyone. The moral of the story is unashamed, unabashed, bold promotion of you and your brand.”

Thanks again to Dana for her spirit of generosity. You can get to know a little more about Dana’s and her office at her website, where she also blogs:

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Scott Levitt
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