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How to Use LinkedIn to Sell More Real Estate

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No single social network may be more utilized by business professionals than LinkedIn, and now you can receive a free step-by-step guide on how to use LinkedIn to sell more real estate. With this guide, you’ll learn the differences between LinkedIn and other social networks… differences than can mean more pre-qualified leads and more deals.

With this report on LinkedIn for real estate, you’ll learn…

  • What LinkedIn can do for real estate marketing.
  • How LinkedIn differs from other online platforms
  • A hands-on approach to using LinkedIn for real estate marketing
  • How to manage your LinkedIn account settings wisely
  • Ways to maximize your account through LinkedIn’s online tools

An excerpt from the LinkedIn book:

“Social media platforms enable their users to reach out to others with similar interests, businesses, or professional needs, and then to build relationships.  The plural relationships is key here because social media are all tools to help you network – i.e. build relationships on a large scale.

In real estate, for example, your profile on these various social media is hugely important in creating great introductions, and strong first impressions often lead to lasting and fruitful relationships.  In LinkedIn’s case, they lead specifically to fruitful professional relationships, referrals, and recommendations.”

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Scott Levitt
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