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Why Aren’t You Using Video?

February 23, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

Why Use Video Blogging for Real Estate
If real estate is still a face-to-face game, why aren’t you using video?

Think video is an expensive and time consuming? Well, not using video just might be more expensive.

In real estate, you are your brand. Your reputation, your voice, your personality… they’re all central to the success of your business. Every time you go to a meeting in person, you’re putting yourself out there. You take the risk of being you. In taking that risk, you’re also giving yourself the maximum opportunity of making a personal connection with your clients.

Why not maximize your online presence with your personality as well?

With the rise of,, and other video sharing sites, it’s extremely cheap and easy to share videos and embed them in blog posts. Let’s face it, not everyone’s a big reader, too. With inexpensive webcams and products like the Flip Video Camera, it’s easier than ever to shoot video.

Consider these seven benefits to using video in your real estate blog:

1. You can welcome people to your blog in person.
2. Are you a natural conversationalist? Video is made for you.
3. Not a great writer? Not much time to write? Video makes it easy.
4. Want something people can share and distribute quickly? Video does that.
5. Video is great for boosting visibility in search engines.
6. Quick video messaging is a great way to draw clients’ attention (see, as featured here: )
7. Video is an excellent way to practice your public speaking… with do-overs!

Remember, video doesn’t have to be a big production. Check out Ian Watt (, who dispenses real estate advice in Vancouver as he drives around:

See an example of Ian Watt using casual video:

Be open to the possibility of video, even if you’re camera shy.

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