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March 26, 2010
by Scott Levitt ·  

No Time or Technical Skill to Make Your Videos? No Problem!
Get full service video production and promotion for just $199/year…

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We all know using video as a real estate pro is great for business.  Video filming, editing, production, and promotion takes time, skill and money, though.  How would you like to have it all handled for you, at your location and on your schedule, for less than $200?

TurnHere ( is a leading Internet video production and advertising company for small businesses and real estate professionals.

Get a 60-second video that profiles your real estate business, shot on location, at a place you choose, by a TurnHere professional filmmaker!

What makes TurnHere unique is that they have a global network of professional filmmakers who come to you to shoot the video, a proprietary video production platform and an authentic storytelling-style filmmaking technique.  TurnHere produces thousands of videos a month for large consumer brands, online business directories, small businesses, and Real Estate Agents.

Best of all, their services are ultra affordable (starting at $199/year), and with their price structure, it makes us question whether it’s worth producing videos yourself when TurnHere offers their services for so little money.



We know that using video in Real Estate (blogs, social media, listings, etc.) is effective.  From our recent article “Why Use Video Blogging in Real Estate,” we discuss how “in real estate, you are your brand. Your reputation, your voice, your personality… they’re all central to the success of your business.”  You have an opportunity to convey your brand to your audience by using personalized video in your blogs, social media sites, and listings.  Put simply, video works.

What may not be so simple for some, however,  is the actual planning, filming, and production of videos for your real estate business. Video is great, but the execution can be daunting for some.  Sure, we’ve discussed easy steps to producing videos in previous articles, but we didn’t address the needs and concerns of agents who may not simply have the time or technical expertise to create and cash-in on video.

So why is TurnHere helpful for Agents? Turnhere takes the guess work out of producing, publishing, and promoting your videos.  They are, quite literally, a one-stop-shop, and their prices can’t be beat.  In the spirit of providing Free Help for Real Estate Agents, we’ve researched and reviewed many services, and have yet to find on that fulfills the needs of Agents as well as Turnhere does.

TurnHere sends a professional filmmaker to you. They shoot on location, at a place of your choosing. They make a 60-second video that highlights your strengths, one that’s as unique as you are.

Take a look at their Real Estate Video Gallery to see some of their one-of-a-kind customers:

  1. Click here to go to:
  2. Click on the “Video Gallery” tab at the top of the page
  3. Select “Real Estate Agents” from the vertical menu on the left.

Not only will Turnhere produce your video, but they promote it too.  TurnHere will create a video marketing program for the Web that tells your story, drives new business, connects with customers and increases your visibility.


Price. Convenience. Quality.  Did we mention price? :-)   For $199/year, you get it all.


Here’s what you get for $199/year…

  • A professional videographer will come to your location and shoot the video for you.
  • They produce a custom video to showcase your Real Estate business.
  • The provide targeted web promotion to reach potential customers on the Web.
  • You’ll get a streamlined production process that fits your busy schedule.
  • They make  you and your business look great.


Starting at $199/year.  If you want more features, they also have a $599/year package, but we think you’ll be just fine with the standard package.  Give it a try, and be sure to share your experience with us!

>> Click here to get your video shot, produced, hosted, and promoted for $199/year.

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