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So What’s the Walk Score?

November 20, 2011
by Scott Levitt ·  

So What’s the “Walk Score?” is a useful tool which allows you to determine the “walkability” of any address. By entering in an address, you can instantly find out how well a particular property scores in terms of shopping, dining, schools, basic needs, and more.

From the website: “Walk Score’s mission is to promote walkable neighborhoods. Walkable neighborhoods are one of the simplest and best solutions for the environment, our health, and our economy.”

Use of your listing’s Walkscore can enhance the value of the property. Walkscore offers the following points for discussing Walkscores with your clients. A home’s Walk Score is important because:

  • Walkability and public transit are associated with higher home values
  • Transportation costs are the 2nd largest household expense
  • Commute time and places to walk are two of the most important criteria for home shoppers
  • A home’s location (location efficiency) is often more important than the building’s energy efficiency

For extensive information on how real estate agents can leverage Walkscore, check out this guide provided by the company. It just might provide you with an additional marketing edge in your community:

Learn More About Walk Score

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