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August 25, 2011
by Scott Levitt ·  

What if you could manage your life in one to-do list? is perhaps the simplest and most intuitive “to do” list manager we’ve ever come across. If you have multiple projects you’re juggling (like multiple listings, for example), and you want an easy, fast way to track outstanding issues, questions, and “open loops” that are floating around in your brain and need to get organized on paper, is the way to go.

With a completely free account, you can begin organizing all of the thoughts floating around your brain in no time flat. Be sure to watch the introduction video before you sign up, and then check out the “how to use” video after you’ve opened your free account.

WorkFlowy works directly in your web browser. All lists you create can be simply exported and saved on your computer. Bravo to this San Francisco tech team for making such a useful, free tool!

Try it out:

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